An Independent Water Safety Practice

Providing appropriate assurance and consultancy to organisations to ensure regulatory compliance and to minimise the risk to public health from water borne infections.

Impartial Auditing

"An external competent person should audit the risk assessment and operation of the control measures periodically"

European Guidelines for the Prevention of Legionnaires Disease

Authorising Engineer

"If a contractor is commissioned to carry out maintenance and in-house expertise is not available to monitor their performance, an independent professional adviser should be retained to carry out this function..."

Department of Health

SPA Pool Safety Audit

"Water Hygiene & Safety in public accessed pools are far too important to leave in the hands of a Legionella OR FM Company without adequate assurance. Hotels and leisure facilities are sleep walking into very serious safety and public health risks."

WIPC Director – At seminar for leisure providers 2018

Water Safety Plan

"To manage and monitor the prevention and control of infections effectively, the HCAI Code of Practice requires a WSG and a water safety plan (WSP) to be in place"

Dept. Of Health HTM04:01 Part B

Healthcare Risk Assessment Suitability Audit

"If the provision of risk assessments is contracted to an external organisation, it is recommended that those engaged to carry out any risk assessments associated with water safety should be able to demonstrate to the WSG their experience and competence in assessing specific risks from microbiological, chemical and physical hazards on the specific healthcare population"

Dept. Health HTM04:01

Training and Lecturing Services

"Individuals to whom tasks have been allocated (supervisors and managers as well as operatives) need to have received adequate training in respect of water hygiene and microbiological control appropriate to the task they are responsible for conducting."

Dept. Health HTM04:01