Authorising Engineer

WIPC Consultancy can provide an Authorising Engineer (Water), who will act as your independent and impartial consultant, providing advice and support in accordance with relevant guidance to ensure that the water systems and management and clinical governance in place is fit for purpose.

With Health Facilities Scotland and NHS Services Scotland pushing for NHS Boards to Adopt HTM04:01 and the cessation of SHTM 04 guidance, NHS Estates and Infection control must ensure that they seek appropriated consultancy from a qualified and experienced Authorising Engineer to help navigate and manage the significant changes required to move from simple Legionella control to holistic management of water borne pathogens and their clinical consequences.

This is to confirm that water safety and hygiene is of a suitable standard and to ensure that public and patient safety from water borne pathogens is never compromised. The Authorising Engineer services provides assurance in line with Health Technical Memorandums, The Health and Social Care Code of Practice for the prevention of Infections, HBN’s and other guidance as appropriate to the setting.


The service includes but is not limited to:

Complete an annual water safety audit of the management scheme, infection control procedures and give direction to achieve compliance to the Duty Holder via the Water Safety Group or equivalent.
Create or update your Water Safety Plan, including a review of Water safety policies and procedures, clinical governance and regulatory correspondence.
Attend your Water Safety Management group providing guidance and direction to assist the group and the department heads with managing the risks.
Monitor your organisational performance and benchmark this against the water safety plan and industry guidance.
Appraise through interview and assessment the appropriate management designations such as the Responsible Person, Deputies, Competent persons, and make recommendations for their appointment.
Provide support and guidance during the length of the contract on an ad hoc basis.
Monitor and audit your legionella contractors to ensure you are getting the most appropriate service.
"If a contractor is commissioned to carry out maintenance and in-house expertise is not available to monitor their performance, an independent professional adviser should be retained to carry out this function..."
Department of Health - Water systems, operational management