Impartial Auditing (Single Day)

WIPC Consultancy will provide an Authorising Engineer to attend your site and carry out an impartial audit of the management systems in place to control microbiological proliferation. The independent audit focuses on the Health and Safety Executive's Appendix 2.2—The Written Scheme.

The audit benchmarks your written scheme, or Legionella Policy/Procedure against this appendix and provides clear areas for improvement to allow you to update your documents to satisfy the regulator, and to keep your staff safe by reducing the risk to as low as practicable through adequate governance.


The single day audit covers amongst other areas:

Legionella Policy
Legionella Procedures
The logbook and all records of monitoring and inspection
Training requirements
Contractor competence
Compliance GAP analysis
"If precautions are to remain effective, the condition and performance of the system will need to be monitored."
HSE - Approved Code of Practice and guidance