Infectious Agents and SPA Pool Audit

WIPC Consultancy will provide an Authorising Engineer to attend your site and carry out an impartial audit of the management systems in place to control microbiological proliferation in your Spa pool. The independent audit focuses on the Health and Safety Executive's HSG 282 Checklist 2 — The Written Scheme.

The audit benchmarks your Spa Safety policy, the risk assessment from your legionella contractor and the analytical processes adopted by the laboratories that you or your legionella contractor use, against this checklist and provide clear areas for improvement to allow you to update your documents to satisfy the regulator, and to keep your customers and the visiting public safe from water borne infections.


The audit covers amongst other areas:

Spa Risk assessment.
Safe operating procedures for the spa-pool system including appropriate control measures.
Precautions in place to prevent or minimise risks associated with the system.
Effectiveness of control measures resulting corrective actions.
Emergency plan to deal with situations involving serious or imminent danger.
"Water Hygiene & Safety is far too important to leave in the hands of a Legionella Company without adequate assurance."
Bryan Hill—WIPC Director